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cách tính tài xỉu - ACB Visa Corporate Credit


Affirm a modern lifestyle and enjoy high-class services and special offers.


Manage cashflow

Proactively allocate your cash to the right people, on the right job, at the right time, by four levels of management, up to 30 cards per corporation. Optimize cash flow with the feature of cash withdrawals up to 10% of your credit limit and 45 days of interest-free credit with only a minimum payment of 5% of your monthly spending.

Manage expenditures with ease

Streamline processes and procedures for advancing and paying per diem expenses. Separate business and personal expenses, which is convenient for corporate tax accounting. In particular, it is easy to analyze spending efficiency with the feature of tracking the last 40 days of transaction history via ACB Online without waiting for the monthly statement.

Enjoy exclusive offers from ACB and Visa

Exclusive offers from leading services and products in the fields of business, finance, tourism, and hundreds of other attractive promotions.

Open an online account to explore prominent features for corporate customers

Own a corporate current account without the need to visit our office. Pay less with 0 fee promotion and get more useful features to optimize business performance.


  • 1% cashback for all spending through cách tính tài xỉu - ACB Visa Corporate Credit up to VND 120 million/year/corporate.
  • No annual fee for the first year.
  • Spend first, pay later with a grace period up to 45 days.
  • Tons of attractive offers for business, finance, travel, etc.


  • Pay for goods and services at more than 30 million VISA merchant locations worldwide.
  • Standard EMV chip cards, contactless and 3D Secure technologies help secure information on the card, making transactions safer.
  • Pay at least 5% of your monthly spending and have a grace period up to 45 days.
  • Withdrawals up to 10% of the credit limit at more than VND 1 million ATMs with the VISA logo around the world.
  • Business owners can view online, in real time, the transaction history of all cards belonging to the corporation.


Enterprises that are incorporated in accordance with laws of Vietnam.




  • ACB branch/sub-branch, see the list here.
  • 24/7 Contact Center: 1900 54 54 86 – (028) 38 247 247 – 1800 57 77 75.

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