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danh bai hay - Margin account

Businesses need to demonstrate financial capacity in the areas prescribed by law


Free issue of deposit confirmation and save time
Competitive interest rates depending on deposit purpose

Deposit procedure

For customers who already have an account

Margin deposit contract

Authorization to withdraw money from demand deposit account to escrow account

For customers who do not have an account

Account opening documents include:

  • Certificate of registration of account information
  • Documents proving the legal status of the organization
  • Documents proving the legal representative status of the account holder.

Authorization to deduct money from demand deposit account to time deposit account


ACB offers a variety of more than 16 types of corporate margin accounts depending on business needs in conditional industries.

Deposit type : VND

Deposit amount: depending on the nature of each type of deposit

Flexible time


The interest payment term of the product is flexible from 1 - 36 months according to the criterion that the longer the term, the higher the interest rate

Interest payment method

For accounts with demand interest: interest is paid on the 25th of every month and automatically credited to customer's demand deposit account.

For accounts with term interest: interest is paid at the end of the period and automatically entered into capital

Observant of customs

For each type of deposit, there will be different regulations on the subject of application, the method of calculating interest as well as the regulations on deposit payment and deposit withdrawal.

Therefore, before deciding to participate in any form of deposit, customers should contact ACB to get the most appropriate choice.

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