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dàn đề 5 số - FORWARD transactions

A foreign currency trading solution for clients to hedge against exchange rate fluctuations, effective for payment on a specified date in the future within 3 working days to 365 days from the date of the transaction.


  • Hedging against exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Enabling businesses to be in active control of their financial plans.


  • Protect your business against the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Allow effective management of cash flow, and support corporate financial planning.
  • No transaction fees.


  1. ACB purchases foreign currency Forward.
    Proof of a future inflow in foreign currency. 
    Foreign currency Forward Purchasing contract.
  2. ACB sells foreign currency forward.
    Documents proving the purpose of use, showing the amount, type of foreign currency, and time of payment.
    Foreign currency Forward Selling contract.


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