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giải c1 là gì - Fire And Special Perils Insurance

Protection for your properties against unforeseen risks.


  • Protect your assets against risks such as fire, explosions, and storms that can threaten the safety of businesses' assets. Fire and special perils insurance will bring peace of mind to customers against accidental material loss or damage that unfortunately happens to their property.


  • Target participants are owners or users of properties, such as factory owners, plant owners, warehouse owners, etc.
  • Compensation for the loss of the covered property due to the following risks: Fire; explosion; crash of aircraft and air vehicles; riots, strikes; malicious actions; earthquakes, volcanic eruptions; thunderstorms, floods; water overflow from water storage tanks or equipment, or from pipelines; collisions between vehicles and animals; etc.
  • Besides the basic risks of fire and explosion, which are compulsory, customers have the choice to participate in insurance for the remaining risks.

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