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bạc nhớ đầu câm - Deposits your money on ACB ONE BIZ

A deposit product on ACB ONE BIZ, clients can proactively open new accounts/close them off anytime, anywhere, without the need to visit ACB’s branch/sub-branch.

Open a corporate current account online to experience multiple benefits.

Instantly own a corporate current account without the need to visit ACB branch/sub-branch. Instantly receive zero-fee offers and various utilities to help optimize the efficiency of your business.


  • Enjoy higher deposit rates than at the counter. 
  • Round the clock 247 open and early termination for online deposits.
  • Various deposit tenors to choose from.
  • Could be terminated early when there is an unexpected need. 
  • Deposit information are secured.


  • Currency: VND.
  • Minimum deposit amount: 1,000,000 VND.
  • Tenor: Standard tenor (from 1 week to 36 months) and flexible by days (from
  • 31 days to 1079 days).
  • Interest payment method: At the end of the tenor.
  • Interest rates: According to the product regulations.


  • Clients open a payment account at ACB and register to use ACB ONE BIZ to be able to make online deposit transactions.
  • Vietnamese or foreign organizations established and operating in accordance with Vietnamese law or according to the laws of the country where such organizations are established.

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  • ACB branches/sub-branches in this list, or
  • 24/7 Contact Center at 1900 54 54 86 – (028) 38 247 247 – 1800 57 77 75
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