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ty bong da - Distributor Financing

Meet the needs of capital for distributors of major brands


  • The ty bong da - Distributor Financing program aims to provide distributors and agents with funds in different ways.


  • Distributors enjoy preferential interest rates and guarantee fees.
  • Flexible disbursement, automatic debt collection, and daily interest.
  • Ensure distributor’s payment capacity for purchased goods.
  • Automatic and unlimited bill payment with a simple utility.
  • Quick payment from distributors to suppliers helps suppliers in managing receivables.
  • Multiple financing methods: credit line, overdraft limit, payment guarantee.
  • Multiple types of accepted collateral: real estate, time deposits, no collateral, etc.

Eligible customers

  • Organizations and individuals registered for the “ty bong da - Distributor Financing” by ACB’s customers as their business partners.

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