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con số gì đây - Consignment-backed financing

Financing import to serve customer’s production, secured by the consignments


  • Access to funds for import of goods/services
  • The consignments are the collateral
    • Customer can repay debt and release collaterals multiple times during lending term


  • Wide range of consigned goods:
    Plastic pellets, steel, raw materials for animal feed, finished vehicles.
  • High loan to value ratio:
    Up to 80% of consignment value
  • Applicable to many payment terms:
    Financing is applicable to the following payment terms: L/C, after-shipment T/T, D/P, after-shipment domestic bank transfer
  • Loan term: 
    Up to 6 months
  • Currency: 

Eligible businesses

Businesses establishing and operating under the laws of Vietnam, excluding sole proprietorship.


  • Nearest branches/sub-branches, list here
  • 247 Contact Center at phone number 1900 54 54 86 - (028) 38 247 247-1800 57 77 75

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