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bang ty le bong da - Explore acb one application with 3 steps

Less worry, more happy

1Combo: Online Account – Debit Card – Digital Banking

  • 1 minute of account opening
  • 0 fee of transfers to all banks on ACB ONE, 0 management fee, 0 minimum balance
  • Easy-to-remember account number
  • Transaction limit: VND 100 million/month
Download ACB ONE application
Online transferring
Bills payment
Term Deposit
Balance inquiry
Transaction inquiry
ACB UrBox Visa Debit
Instant point earning, unlimited reward redemption

  • Earn UrPoints equal to 5% of transactional amount, UP TO 500,000 Urpoints per month when making payments with partners of Urbox such as: Gojek, Starbucks, Phuc Long, Circle K, GS 25, etc.
  • Earn UrPoints UNLIMITED up to 5% of transactional amount when buying purchases, products, services on Urbox application.
    Earn UrPoints UNLIMITED from 0.3% of transactional amount for other spending.
  • Receive gifts for new cardholders valuing up to VND 1 MILLION from well-known brands such as: Highlands Coffee, Decathlon, Coolmate, Galaxy Play, etc.
  • No annual fee for the first year.
  • Enjoy exclusive promotions at more than 250 partners of Urbox.
    Gain bonus points instantly on Urbox application.
  • Exchange value: 1000 UrPoints = VND 1,000

2Video call

Free video call through ACB ONE application to convert accounts with more benefits and privileges
  • With secure Face Identity
  • Quick, convenient and no need to visit ACB branch/sub-branch.
Convert to eBiz account to enjoy following benefits:
  • Transactional limit up to VND 300 million per day.
  • No online transfer fees.

Customers with “Online accounts”


Download ACB ONE application and sign in with an online account.


Click banner account conversion to make a video call.



Products and features on ACB ONE

Online management of cards
  • Block/Open card instantly.

  • Reset/Change PIN.

0 interest amount and 0 fee for instalment payments anytime and anywhere on ACB ONE

With just an ACB international credit card, you can revise loan term easily on ACB ONE:

  • 0 interest amount and 0 fee for 3-month term loan;

  • 0 interest amount, competitive fee for 6-, 9-, 12-month terms;

  • Applicable to any transactions from VND 3 million.

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Online savings
  • Online savings with additional interest rate up to 0.65% p.a.
  • You can choose the number of days for your loan term.
  • Minimum amount: Only from VND 1 million.
Make online savings now!
Available insurance polices to be purchased online
  • SUN – Companion: Sun Life accident insurance
  • SUN – Strong living: Sun Life insurance for cancers
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Transactions with QR code
  • Withdrawals at ATM/CDM with QR code generated from ACB ONE application.
  • Money transfers inside and outside ACB network with QR code.
  • Payments to numerous merchants with QR code.
  • Share account details with QR code.
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Online bills payment

Type of bills: electricity, water, telephone, cable TV, internet nationwide.

Train and flight ticket payment

24/7, convenient and easy

Online tuition fee payment

SSC feature allows parents to pay tuition fees on ACB ONE.

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Link up with e-wallet

It is easy to link up with e-wallets such as Momo, ShopeePay, ZaloPay, etc. to gain awesome promotions.

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Lots of other products and services are available on ACB ONE. Download it to find out!

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