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cầu lô đề miền nam - Working Capital Loan

For the need of funds for manufacturing and production.


Loan information
  • Eligible clients: Manufacturing company owners and private company owners.
  • Disbursement: In lump sum or in tranches.
  • Loan amount: As per demand and financial capability of clients.
  • Early repayment penalty in case of credit limit granting: Not applicable.
  • Interest rates: Competitive.


  • Various loan types: Non-revolving line of credit, revolving line of credit and overdraft line of credit.
  • Loan term: Up to 01 year.
  • Purpose: To purchase materials, supplies, etc. for manufacturing and production.
  • Flexible payment method:
    • Interest: Monthly or quarterly;
    • Principal: On the maturity date or according to the acknowledgement of debt.


  • Clients must be Vietnamese citizens, aged 18 years or older.
  • Clients must run business legally.
  • Clients must make business plans and have stable source of income from the business plans.
  • Clients must provide collateral (lands, houses, valuable papers).


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