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ACB MasterCard Gold


For flexible installment payments

So sánh thẻ

Offers from ACB and MasterCard

Enjoy attractive offers and rewards at first-class resorts, shopping centers, tourist spots, etc. in Vietnam and around the world.

Grace period up to 45 days

Buy first pay later with grace period up to 45 days.

Minimum payment at 5%

Minimum payment at only 5% of spending amount in a month.


  • Various offers from ACB from time to time.
  • Zero interest and competitive fee: Customers can proactively choose to pay in installments on ACB ONE or through partner’s systems; also applicable to repayment of cash advance.
  • Grace period up to 45 days, buy first pay later with minimum payment at 5% of spending every month. Annual fee: VND 400,000.


  • Contactless payment and EMV-standard chip: Touch or wave your card in front of the POS devices to make payments.
  • 3D Secure: Online transaction authentication method with OTP for safe card payments.


Any individual customer with Vietnamese or foreign nationality, from 18 to 67 years old, living in Vietnam and satisfying the conditions for MasterCard Gold credit cards under ACB’s regulations.

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