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li xi88 - Payroll account for individual

Reaching further – fee waived for ACB payroll account

Preferential package for personal payroll accounts

Waiving all fees

Free account management fee

Free online money transfer and withdrawal at ATMs of all banks

Free annual fee for domestic and international debit cards

Free annual fee for credit cards

Up to 5% cashback

Up to 5% cashback at all supermarkets and convenience stores and 1% cashback for other spending (except for some MCCs on the Excluded MCC list)

Preferential loan rates

Preferential loan rates up to 2% compared to the published interest rate from time to time.

Maximum protection at low cost

50% discount for first year insurance premium if client buys insurance online, and 20% discount if buying at the bank’s counter


Open online account

Open online account now – it’s safe, efficient and available anywhere, in just 1 minute and a few simple steps!
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