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kèo nhà cái góc - ACB Family Banking Package

The more family members, the better benefits


  • Receive 2,000 ACB Rewards points (equivalent to VND 20,000) upon successful registration for the package
  • Additional interest rate up to 0.2% p.a., basing on total balance of the whole family
  • Various fees waived: free – 2% cashback
  • Credit card annual fee waived, up to 10% cashback at supermarkets
  • Family members earn ACB Rewards points together to redeem valuable gifts
  • Participate in the event “Hunt iPhone 14 Promax every day on the occasion of ACB30” on ACB ONE from June 1 to June 30, 2023


  • The more family members joining, the higher interest rates for deposits by all members at branches/sub-branches
  • Join current account package with benefits: account management and online transfer to all banks free of charge
  • Transfer ACB Rewards points to family members
  • Register and invite family on ACB ONE in 1 minute only

Instructions on registration for kèo nhà cái góc - ACB Family Banking

Step 1:

Log on ACB ONE

    Step 2:

    Choose “Family Banking Package”

      Step 3:

      Choose Register

        Step 4:

        Confirm and verify

          Step 5:

          Registration successful, you can invite your family members



            Register for kèo nhà cái góc - ACB Family Banking on ACB ONE free of charge

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